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We are in a battle. It has become incredibly evident in the last few years that believers are in for the fight of our lives.

Are you equipped to fight the good fight of faith? Armor is heavy. Have you trained your body to carry it? Do you know how to fight? When to fight? Do you know which battlefield is yours?

In a world of shifting values, the gospel offers no “your truth” or “my truth”; there is only The Truth. And His name is Jesus. So, how do we know what the truth is? How do we know Jesus? How do we fight to live out truth? By arming ourselves with the armor of God. And getting with God’s people. And battling. Together. Unified in one thing: the word of God and the good news it carries.

Become a warrior woman this year. A woman in the word, a woman in prayer and a woman in community. An Imperfectly Brave warrior woman. Register for Imperfectly Brave, a weekend of equipping for the battle ahead.

Imperfectly Brave Weekend is April 1st and 2nd, at the A-Vent space in Kansas City, Kansas. Details can be found at

Imperfectly Brave

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